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End of Course (EOC)

Information provided is strictly for Full-time SJVS students and their families. If you are not Full-time SJVS, please contact your current school of enrollment for further information.

End of Course (EOC) Information​

All Full-time SJVS students are required to test on our campus. There will be no exceptions.
Please plan accordingly.

Practice Tests

Each student must partake in taking the practice tests. Not only is this mandatory, but it will also allow for students to become familiar with the test structure and material.

How to Get into the Practice Test(s)

Test Dates and Locations

Dates listed below are strictly for Full-time SJVS students. Please scroll down for more information if you are not Full-time SJVS

Full-time SJVS students, please register below to be sent a reminder closer to the testing date. Part-time students, please contact your current school of enrollment to know when they will administer the EOC assessment(s). Home Education please contact the Home Education office by the alloted time, if you plan on taking any state assessments. 

Office Location:

2980 Collins Ave. St. Augustine, FL 32084

(904) 547-8081