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Register for Courses Below

Here we have information for “how to” register for your virtual courses. Please follow the steps for a smooth signup.

Step 1 – Print this sheet off for detailed steps to creating your account and registering for virtual courses – Click Here

Step 2 – After printing sheet above you will want to see what courses are available with SJVS – Click Here

Step 3 – After printing sheet above you will begin the account creation here – Click Here

Here just for H.O.P.E.? – What about H.O.P.E. Options? For detailed information – Click Here

Need an Example of a Virtual Course?

If you are new to virtual and wish to see an example of what a middle or high school virtual course looks like, CLICK HERE

SJVS courses are offered strictly for 1st time course credit

(not for credit recovery).

If you wish to take a virtual course for credit recovery, please meet with your school counselor.

If you prefer to take your courses strictly with FLVS. Please click image below