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SJVS Testing Information

Important Information - Please Read

Information provided is strictly for Full-time SJVS students and their families. If you are not Full-time SJVS, please contact your current school of enrollment for further information.

All testing sessions are mandatory for full-time SJVS students. Please note that with the change for the 2022-2023 school year, the incorporation of the Florida Assessment of Student Thinking (F.A.S.T.), testing will require three testing windows throughout the year. Please note, that as of now, each session is projecting to be in-person unwise any updates come from SJVS. 

  1. First sessions will be within the first 30 days of school.
  2. Second session will be conducted during the winter 
  3. Third sessions will occur during the Spring each year. 
*Please note, that with the incorporation of F.A.S.T., the state is still requiring in-person testing for any End of Course Assessment, Grades 5&8 Science, FSSAT. 

All three sessions are for students in grades KG-10. If a student wishes to remain in the full-time virtual program with SJVS, they must be present for all testing windows. If a student does not take any of the required tests, they will no longer be able to continue in the SJVS full-time program. 

SJVS will also monitor state testing scores and work to ensure that SJVS is the proper placement for your child. If a student scores a level 1 on any of their state assessments, SJVS will work to remediate and assist in growth. If after two consecutive years of receiving a score of 1 on state assessments, SJVS will highly recommend a return to a B&M setting to ensure that additional services can be provided. Goal is to ensure that our county students are in the best learning environment for them. 

Information for 2022-2023

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