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Ryan Erskine, SJVS Principal

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What type of student would thrive in an online environment?

Students must be self-disciplined in their work habits, enjoy academic rigor, and have a growth mindset.

Part-time Options

Students are able to take SJVS courses during the school day in a lab at their school of attendance or after school as an additional course. If you are looking to have your child take a SJVS course during the school day, please work with your child’s guidance counselor for placement.

As an additional reminder, all standard policies in the student progression plan, including school based course request/registration and drop/add policies, apply to virtual courses. If you are considering having your student take a virtual course while enrolled at their current school, please contact your school counselor for advisement and approval. 

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Full-time Options

St. Johns Virtual School is a district school of choice meaning students must apply and be accepted. Acceptance is based on prior student grades, test scores, and student attendance. Full-time students must complete a minimum of 6 courses per semester and comply with all state course standards and assessment requirements. 

The rationale for our selective process is based on the premise that if a student is not successful in the Full Time program or chooses to withdraw, a student can severely disrupt their graduation timeline.

Enrollment windows will open in April of each year. A second enrollment window, for second semester, will open in late November/early December. 

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