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Phone: (904)547-8091 

Ms. McElhone, SJVS Counselor

SJVS/FLVS Assistance

SJVS uses the same exact curriculum as Florida Virtual School (FLVS). Please, please, please when students are registering for courses, have them always register with SJVS. If SJVS does not offer the course, then FLVS would be appropriate. 

If you need an account or forgot credentials, please email the SJVS Registrar, Ms. Erin Dixon. 

Technical Issues with FLVS System?

The FLVS Help Desk can provide support for any technical issue you may be having. If you are having technical issues, please contact the FLVS Help Desk for support online or call 1-866-322-8324 from 8am until 8pm Monday-Sunday.