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Welcome to St. Johns Virtual School. Below we have linked to pages the information needed to sign up for SJVS courses. SJVS incorporates Florida Virtual School (FLVS) curriculum and then provides the instructors. We ask, when registering, if there is an option to take with either SJVS or FLVS, please always choose SJVS.

Why Choose SJVS?

  1. With SJVS you are guaranteed to be placed within 24 hours after approval from your school counselor and based on your preferred start date. 
  2. Teachers are all Highly Effective and live in St. Johns County and are full-time employed with St. Johns County School District.
  3. Work to create a pace that sets your child up for success. It is never in the best interest of a student to be in a semester course over the 18 weeks or in a year course past the school calendar. This ensures that a student remains on track to advance grades or meet graduation requirements. 

Courses Offered with SJVS. Both Part-time and Full-time Students

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Middle School

High School

H.O.P.E. Course Information