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Ryan Erskine, SJVS Principal

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Question and Answer

How is SJVS different from the Florida Virtual School (FLVS)?

SJVS is a franchise of FLVS. We use their curriculum, but instruction is provided by St. Johns County teachers. SJVS also has their own Registrar that inputs all enrolled courses on your schedule as soon as you are enrolled. This helps with cleaner transcripts. SJVS also holds students to a pacing chart that allows for timely and effective use of time to complete your virtual course. SJVS also requires proctored exams, which are unique to SJCSD. This removes any doubt in the virtual setting and really allows a student to prove mastery of the subject. 

Can my SJVS student still participate in public school sports?

Yes. SJVS students are eligible to participate in sports at their zoned public school. You must notify the school of your intention to participate in sports BEFORE the beginning of the athletic season in which you wish to participate.

Can I participate in other activities at the public school like clubs, band, etc?

Maybe. If you are registered as an SJVS student with the district, you may submit a request in writing to the principal of your zoned school requesting permission to participate in an activity at that school.

Can I monitor my student’s progress online?

St. Johns Virtual requires all parents to open and maintain a guardian account. Through this effective communication tool, parents will know almost as much as the teacher about their student’s progress.

How do I sign up for St. Johns Virtual (full-time) if my student is currently in FLVS?

Your student should complete the current course in which he or she is enrolled and then when the time comes to select a new course, simply visit the SJVS website to complete the application process.

Is there any counseling on course requirements available to St. Johns Virtual students?

Yes, we are staffed with our own guidance counselor. We encourage you to make an appointment with us so we can “begin with the end in mind”.

Can students receive a high school diploma through St. Johns Virtual?

Yes, eligible students who enter our full-time accredited virtual instruction program can receive a diploma from a St. Johns County School if they complete all graduation requirements.

Can my student be enrolled part-time in St. Johns Virtual and part-time in regular high school?

Yes, if a student makes these arrangements with the zoned public school before the beginning of the school year.

Can my student use a Google Chromebook with their virtual courses?

No, due to needing to download certain programs, Chromebook will not work with virtual courses. Please see the following information from FLVS