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SJVS Weekly Pacing Requirements

Full-time Students

We are so excited to offer a single location for you to look for where the pacing each week should be.

  • These pacing charts are the minimum assignments that MUST be completed each week in order to remain on pace. 
  • Students that fall behind are expected to catch up the next week, if a student falls two weeks or greater behind in a course or courses, they will be required to come on campus until caught up. If a student is required to come to campus more than once per semester, the student will be withdrawn from the full-time program at the end of that semester. 
  • In order to earn a final grade a student must take modules exams, pass all honor/advanced assignments. pass each DBA, and take the segment exam. All portions of the course must be completed, there is not the option to take a zero for not completing an assignment. 

Please click appropriate field for reference below. 

Elementary Pacing

Fall 2022

Click on your course for this semester’s pace chart.

This section is being updated for the 2022 school year.  Please check back soon for updated pace charts!



Language Arts

Social Studies

Physical Ed



High School Elective Pacing

Fall 2022

Click on your course for this semester’s pace chart.


American Sign Language 1
American Sign Language 2
Critical Thinking
Personal Financial Literacy-SENIORS
Personal Financial Literacy Honors
Personal Financial Literacy Honors-SENIORS