SJVS courses are offered strictly for 1st time course credit

(not for credit recovery).

If you wish to take a virtual course for credit recovery, please meet with your school counselor.


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High School Course Catalog

The course catalog allows for St. Johns County School District students to sort through subject, course title, credits, honors availability, and platform. By clicking on the course title you will be directed to a brief description of the course. Courses that offer honors will also link to the course description via clicking honors. The search feature is also available to allow for quick navigation using key words.
Course TitleSubjectCreditsPlatformRegister
Creative PhotographyArt1.0Educator
Digital Information TechnologyCareer and Technical Education1.0Educator
Personal and Family Finance Career and Technical Education0.5Educator
Parenting SkillsCareer and Technical Education0.5Educator
Leadership Skills and Development Elective1.0Educator
Driver Education/Traffic SafetyElective0.5Educator
Career Research and Decision MakingElective0.5Educator
Critical ThinkingElective0.5Educator
Peer Counseling 2Elective0.5Educator
Peer Counseling 1Elective0.5Educator
Psychology 2Elective0.5Educator
Psychology 1Elective0.5Educator
Law StudiesElective0.5Educator
World ReligionsElective0.5Educator
Social MediaElective0.5Educator
English 4English1.0APEX
English 3English1.0APEX
English 2English1.0APEX
English 1English1.0APEX
Math for College ReadinessMathematics1.0Educator
Liberal Arts Math 1Mathematics1.0Educator
Geometry EOCMathematics1.0Educator
Liberal Arts Math 2Mathematics1.0Educator
Pre-Calculus Honors *Honors Only CourseMathematics1.0Educator
Algebra 2Mathematics1.0Educator
Algebra 1 EOCMathematics1.0APEX
Outdoor EducationPE-Phys Ed0.5Educator
Marine ScienceScience1.0Educator
Earth/Space Science Science1.0Educator
Chemistry Science1.0APEX
Biology EOCScience1.0APEX
Anatomy and PhysiologyScience1.0Educator
Physical ScienceScience1.0Educator
Forensic ScienceScience Elective1.0Educator
World HistorySocial Studies1.0APEX
U.S. History EOCSocial Studies1.0Educator
Economics and Financial LiteracySocial Studies0.5Educator
U.S. GovernmentSocial Studies0.5APEX
U.S. Government HonorsSocial Studies0.5APEX
Spanish 3 *Honors Only CourseWorld Languages1.0Educator
Spanish 2World Languages1.0APEX
English 3 HonorsEnglish1.0APEX
English 4 HonorsEnglish1.0APEX
English 2 HonorsEnglish1.0APEX
English 1 HonorsEnglish1.0APEX
Geometry HonorsEOCMathematics1.0Educator
Algebra 2 HonorsMathematics1.0Educator
Algebra 1 Honors EOCMathematics1.0APEX
Physics HonorsScience1.0Educator
Marine Science HonorsScience1.0Educator
Earth/Space Science Honors Science1.0Educator
Chemistry Honors Science1.0APEX
Biology HonorsEOCScience1.0APEX
Anatomy and Physiology HonorsScience1.0Educator
Physical Science HonorsScience1.0Educator
World History HonorsSocial Studies1.0APEX
U.S. History Honors EOCSocial Studies1.0Educator
Spanish 1World Languages1.0APEX
Economics and Financial Literacy HonorsSocial Studies0.5Educator

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