St. Johns Virtual School

Applying for a Guardian Account:

Students must first apply for their courses SJVS and receive their username/ password. You will need the student’s username/ password to create the Guardian Account. Ready to get started? Click the button below!!


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What does the Parent/Guardian account allow parents to do?

FLVS values parents as partners. From approving course requests to monitoring progress, the Parent/Guardian Account allows parents to have a hands-on approach with their student’s academic life at FLVS.

With your Parent/Guardian Account you will have:

  • 24-7 online access to submitted and/or graded assignments and your child’s grade book
  • Extensive access to teachers, including monthly phone calls
  • Monthly progress reports emailed to parent emails
  • Regular email updates from teachers

How and when is a Parent/Guardian account created?

First, the student must complete the sign up process. Once the student has completed the online application, he or she will receive a student username and password. You will need the student username and password to create your Parent/Guardian account.

My parent/guardian did not receive a registration activation email.

There may be a couple of reasons for this. Have your parent look for an email from [email protected] (remember to check in spam or junk folders). If you think you may have entered an incorrect email address for your parent/guardian, please log back in and navigate to the Parent/Guardian profile page to update this information.


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Click in order to begin the process of creating your student and parent K12 Accounts.