St. Johns Virtual School

What does it take to be a successful eLearner? Use the guide below to find out!

If you can answer “yes” to ALL of the following questions, you will shine as an e-learner! Pay attention to the areas where you answer “no.” Answering “no” doesn’t mean you can’t succeed online, but it does mean that this is an area where you should ask for help. SJVS teachers are ready and eager to help you become a better learner. The more you can answer “yes” to these questions, the more your learning will improve–online and offline!

  • Can I set a personal schedule and complete assigned work by the required dates?
  • Are my writing and communication skills average or better?
  • Can I solve problems and work through difficulties independently?
  • Can I read and follow detaiOnline learningled instructions on my own?
  • Am I comfortable using the Internet as a means of communication and research?
  • Do I own or have access to a computer with Internet access and email?
  • Am I willing and able to learn and apply new software applications?
  • Do I know or am I willing to learn to copy, cut, and paste text/files between programs?
  • Taking into consideration my personal, academic, work, and extracurricular activities, can I devote at least as much time to my on-line class as to my other classes?

These questions were taken from the Valencia Community College Online Course page, adapted with permission.