St. Johns Virtual School

SJVS Family & Student Testimonials

St. Johns Virtual School has been amazing for our son. The teachers have been amazing. He has gone from not being interested in school to being motivated to finish early. There are no distractions and can simply contact the teacher directly to get help one on one so that both the teacher and the students are better able to focus. The experience our son has had with St. Johns Virtual School gives him the confidence that he will need not just to survive the new college environment, he will thrive!​
Michael & Tanya Oakman
SJVS Parents since 2016
I am so glad Virtual School exists. My favorite thing about virtual school are the ability to choose what and when I am going to do and I have the ability to work ahead with no distractions. Asking for help is very easy and comfortable for me.
Zach Oakman
SJVS Student since 2016
St. Johns Virtual School has been the best decision we have made for our son’s education. We love the challenging curriculum and that he can work ahead in each course. The teachers are local so they are easily accessible. Students are in control of their education.
Rhonda Gatchell
SJVS Parent since 2013
St Johns Virtual School is just what we have been looking for. Our daughter is an overachiever. Classes are challenging and we found that working at her own pace keeps her engaged and challenged. SJVS has the most amazing staff. Her teachers are always supportive and available when she needs them. The staff cares about the students and the parents as well. SJVS is not only a top notch educational experience: it has also become an extension of our family! Two parents who will never turn back
Douglas & Sophie Szilagyi
SJVS Parents since 2017
I was sick and could no longer attend school. I started Virtual school and I couldn’t have loved it more! It allows me the flexibility I greatly needed with school. My health improved and my decision to stay with SJVS was the right choice for my High School years. SJVS creates an environment where I feel cared for, I have teachers who I know care about me and my success. My teachers encourage and acknowledge my feats and my faults. Everyone at SJVS has helped me succeed and I owe a huge thanks to them all.
Zoe Szliagyi
SJVS Student since 2017
St Johns Virtual School has been a wonderful experience for my children. They have excelled both academically and socially in the years they have been enrolled. I highly recommend St. Johns Virtual School to any family looking for innovative teaching through a diverse online learning program.
Deborah & David Cerezo
SJVS Parents since 2015